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ESKA HISTORIC 68mm profile

ESKA HISTORIC 68mm windows can be used in a single and multi-family dwellings as well as public buildings where it is necessary to preserve the historic style of joinery and building. Profile provides old-style windows and functionality is guaranteed by the latest technology. The success of the final product is a result of proper selection of divisions, sashes, width of the profiles, ornaments (columns, heads, decorative frames) as well as compromise between the requirements of a conservator and modernity.

Single frame construction, a three-ply square timber, joined at the length. Frame thickness 68mm. Any shape and size of the window available.

Pine, meranti or oak.
Acoustic insulation at Rw=32-39dB (depending on the selected glazing unit).

Thermal transmittance for window 68 mm profile: The heat transfer coefficient Uw – ranges from 1,31 to 1,42 W/m2K.

Double glazing unit – 4/16Ar/4 – single chambered system.
Thermal insulation glass of Ug = 1.1 W/m2k.
Inter-pane space is filled with argon gas.
The possibility of obtaining heat transfer coefficient up to 0,7 W/m2k.
Choice of any glass panes with maximum thickness up to 40mm.
Distance frame is offered as standard.
Extra insulation frame matching window colour is also available.

Standard multi point G-U fittings with micro ventilation and anti-burglar catch.
Optional fittings with extra safety class are available:
RC 1 – minimum of four anti-forcing catches in a window,
RC 2 – all anti-forcing catches applied in a window.
Optional use of sash turn limiter, limited tilt, a balcony latch

Opening methods:
R (turn), U (tilt), RU (tilt and turn).

Coating colours from RAL palette or azure colour (emphasizing wood structure) from a catalogue of transparent colours.
The same colour from the inside and outside as standard.
A four-layer coating system: impregnation and triple painting.

As one of very few in Poland we use two seals Q-LON (inside and outside applied) as standard. The core is made of polyurethane foam, outer coating of polyethylene is weatherproof, resistant to UV radiation and pollution. Compatible with cleaning agents. Available colours are brown, white, black, grey, beige, light oak and chestnut.

Drip cap:
Aluminium drip cap available in colours: white, golden, silver, brown and olive.
Optional aluminium drip cap covered by wood – matching window colour (RAL or azure) and aluminium drip cap available in colour from a RAL palette (matching window colour).

Silicone :
Silicone colour matching wood colour: white, black, transparent, chocolate brown, pine, rustic oak, dark brown, walnut, mahogany

SECUSTIK® handles of HOPPE company are available in colours: white (F9016), brown (F8077), silver (F1), antique gold (F4), titanium (F9).
Optional: A handle with a key or a button in colours: white (F9016), brown (F8077), silver (F1), antique gold (F4), titanium (F9).

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