Bioclimatic pergolas



The garden, terrace pergola is a modern and minimalist solution for your comfort. A modern design with advanced technology, it offers a contemporary alternative to the conservatory.

Bioclimatic pergolas

terrace accessible all year round

The ESKA LINE modular system allows any terrace or garden area to be built up – its size depends solely on the customer’s preferences. 

The built-in spaces can be used almost all year round – the robust aluminium structure is resistant to all weather conditions – protecting against wind, sun, rain and also insects.

As part of the ESKA LINE system, the ZIP side screens or aluminium lamella walls that make up the pergola enclosure can be replaced by sliding glass side panels, which also perform a great protective function but do not restrict the view.

An automatically opening pergola roof can be moved back as far as the user wishes and at any time. Even after a heavy rain, there is no danger of water spilling onto the terrace – as the drainage from the pergola roof is carried out via an integrated, concealed system.

Light and sound

intelligent solutions for modern terraces

ESKA LINE bioclimatic aluminium pergolas are equipped with a whole range of intelligent solutions.  

The automatic roof is controlled via remote control unit or a smartphone app.

The entire system is also equipped with intelligent weather sensors that will cause the roof to automatically close or uncover in changing weather conditions to guarantee maximum safety even in the absence of householders.

In order to provide users with the most comfortable enjoyment of the built-up space, ESKA LINE pergolas have a built-in Bluetooth Audio sound system and LED spotlighting with an RGB strip, allowing the colour of the terrace or garden lighting to be changed.

Light intensity and colour are remotely controlled.

Pergolas are also equipped with radiant heater, which guarantees a pleasant temperature on colder days or evenings.


Aluminium construction

Robust, weather-resistant in any RAL or wood-effect colour - WOOD EFFECT

Openable roof

It will reveal as much sky as you want at any given time. Full control of the shading or sunlight of your terrace. Rotatable laths from 0° to 120°

ZIP side screens

They protect from the sun, wind, insects and the sight of neighbours. They make it possible to extend the outdoor season.

Sliding glass side panels

They will shield but not restrict the view.

LED spotlight and RGB strip

Will illuminate the terrace in the evening with the possibility of changing the colour of the light. Operated by remote control with dimmer function

Bluetooth audio system

It will pass the time at family gatherings.

Radiant heater

It will keep you warm on colder days and nights.

Weather sensors

Convenience and security, will close or open the roof/blinds to ensure safety even when you are not at home.


By remote control or via a smartphone app.

Modular linking

Possibility of developing any large area.

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